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Liquid Gloves Protective Cream

Invisible protection for your hands: at home and at the cottage

Work in the garden or during renovations and cleaning - are these activities compatible with beautiful hands? They certainly are! Protect them with special "liquid gloves".

The protective cream of the Liquid Gloves is quickly absorbed, it forms a light protective film on the hands, and it does not shrink or irritate the skin. After a few minutes, you won't even feel it.

Liquid Gloves hand cream:
- it protects the skin from the negative effects of impurities (such as dry soil) without depriving you of the opportunity to feel the touch of nature
- it simplifies the subsequent process of cleansing the skin from impurities
- it has softening effects and prevents dehydration of the skin
- it reduces increased sweating of the palms (it can be used under protective gloves)

The cream is easily washed off with ordinary water.


Apply the cream to the clean and dry skin of the hands before starting work and after each time you wash your hands.

Product Code: # 40801

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